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Meet CryptoGuyInZA

Crypto Guy In South Africa (CryptoGuyInZA) is a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast in South Africa that has been elected as a Tron Super Representative by the community. CryptoGuyInZA is a community driven Tron Super Representative that shares 85% of his rewards with the community.

CryptoGuyInZA strives to grow the Tron community by sharing information about Tron that will assist to grow the Tron ecosystem while securing the Tron network with a highly available node.

Voting & Rewards

Tron uses delegated proof of stake (DPoS) as a consensus protocol. This means that Tron can not be mined like Bitcoin. Instead users stake coins, but they do so in order to cast votes for “super representatives,” who if they accumulate sufficient votes are in charge of verifying the transactions on a given block.

Tron Super Representatives receive rewards for verifying the transactions. CryptoGuyInZA then shares these rewards with his voters in the community.

CryptoGuyInZA shares 85% of his rewards from running a node that verifies transactions on the Tron network.


The rewards are shared proportional to each voters vote weight, rewards are paid out every 24 hours. 

CryptoGuyInZA believes in being transparent and therefore provides a reward site that allows all voters to track their reward earnings by cycle. 


Learn About Tron

As a Tron Super Representative one of the core responsibilities is to run a secure node that validates transactions and plays a role in securing the Tron network. However, up and above that CryptoGuyInZA believes that Tron Super Representatives have the responsibility of growing the Tron ecosystem. CryptoGuyInZA does this by sharing information in several ways, one of them being through videos.   

Tron Whitepaper V2

BitTorrent Whitepaper

Tron Quick Start Path

If you are new to Tron and looking for an easy way to get up and running with Tron, then follow the below flow diagram.


Contact CryptoGuyInZA

CryptoGuyInZA is always keen to hear from the community, please follow or reach out with questions on any of the below links.

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